Monday, April 20, 2009

Dayaks lack element of smartness: Masing

Borneo Post April 20th 2009)

“Politics within the community (Dayak), particularly in rural areas, is fluid until now because there is lack of the smart facor. And because of that they will listen to instigation and get manipulated by certain individuals” Dato Sri James Masing.

Who manipulate the Dayaks?

I think James is talking about himself, Jabu and his other bunch of friends - they traveled by helicopters to long houses during election, used Gov’t 4WD vehicles etc and pour in a lot of money to buy food and drinks and music and they spoke and lied to the Dayak in Batang Ai.

They lied and give Dayaks empty promises because they believed that Dayak lack element of smartness.

Dayak lack element of smartness

Only a Smart Ass like James can say such things about Dayaks. He believes he is the king of Dayak and can say whatever he likes - because he treated all Dayak as fools - just because PRS/BN won the Batang Ai By-election so James is smarter.

Those Dayaks that do not “blindly follow” Smart Ass James in politics are less smart. So there were 2000 over less smart Dayak voters in Batang Ai - all fools because they do not accept BN land policies, poor Mycard service, poor roads, no electricity, no hospital, no clean water, no proper mean of cash income through properly organized agriculture etc.

Focus on Delivering BN promises

James and Jabu should focus on delivering on their promises during the By -election. What happen to the land titles that are suppose to be given to Batang Ai resettlement people - the balance portion / parts of their land compensation.

It is wrong for the government to sell the long house to the Batang Ai resettlement areas for $80,000.00 per door when they never issue land title to the individual houses - just like in town.

Two years from now - the next state election, in Batang Ai the BN promises will still not be delivered - do you think that is because the Dayaks are less smart or it is just that James is the politician who manipulated the Dayak and getting their votes by manipulating them.

When did BN make the rural Dayak smart?

The radio programmes - most of it are full of BN propaganda. Message that lack meaning or substance and at best is causing confusion to the rural people. Things like - ” mina BN aja ulih meri pemansang ngagai Sarawak”etc.

James himself spoke on many occasions - but in all those occasion, instead of inspiring the Dayaks and show them the correct direction to take in personal development - he belittled them with LIES.

It is the duty of government to develop the state and its people - and the people need not feel that they owed the government for such development. But why is BN syaing that the people must appereciate their good work?

State Level Land Seminar in Bintulu

Why is James - as Minister of Land Development not a speaker at the Land Seminar in Bintulu? Is that an indication that his views are not important and that he is actually a puppet to Taib and Awang Tengah on land matters?.

We Dayaks are still looking for new ideas to ensure that NCR land owners really benefited from land development through direct participation instead of injecting their landed asset but do not hold any decision making power in the plantation company.

Why don’t James you answer that question first - rather than talking about Dayak are less smart because there raised too many questions that you are not able to answer personally..

Educated Dayak

Most educated Dayak do not want to see Dayak being lied to and being fooled- 45 years is enough. We have nothing more to call our own and yet James felt that by explaining the real issues and truth to rural Dayak is wrong.

No James - we are not liar like you and we do not have self interest - like holding political position and make personal money out of politics. We Dayakbaru are really concern that too much lies has been told to Dayak by BN Dayak Ministers.

Rural Based Party

It is good to know that PRS - and James is the President, is a rural based party. This rural areas would be the main focus of Dayakbaru in the next election - to educate then on the truth and what sustainable development is all about. It is about increase incomes, create value through their land cultivation, employ technology to increase productivity and to say NO to Dr. James model of land development - akin to pirate scheme.

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